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Testimonial-JamesCalgary Corporate Fitness is extremely professional and easy to work with. We had our group fitness program up and running within a week after contacting them. The classes were fun, challenging, and the trainers were always able to modify the exercises for anyone with injuries or limitations.

Testimonial-TaraThank you for the excellent seminar series. We had a higher than expected attendance which is great to see, and the feedback from employees has been great. We loved the humour, it keeps people engaged and made it fun. Looking forward to the next seminar series.

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We have a variety of services, but we can also design a program to meet your needs, goals & budget

icon4Fitness Classes & Boot Camps
These high energy classes are a 45 minutes total body burn.


icon11Group Yoga Classes
Wind down and loosen up with a 45 minute stretch and flex


icon12Lunch & Learn Seminars
Enjoy your lunch while learning news ways to boost health and productivity


icon1Health Fairs & Workshops
Let us coordinate a collection of top health professionals and bring total health awareness to your worksite.

icon5Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching
Private health coaching for employees who need a lil’ more TLC


icon7Wellness Program Consulting
We can work with you and help you design the best program for your employees


icon13Health Risk Assessments
Includes lifestyle questionnaire, body fat testing, blood pressure and measurements.


icon10Workplace Wellness Audit
Let us ass the health of your workplace and workers, to better determine what programs would serve you best

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Not Sure if a Workplace Wellness Program is Worth the Investment?

Well Let’s Look at How Unhealthy Employees Can Suck Profits From Your Business Bottom Line…


Obviously the relationship between poor health and absenteeism is a no-brainer, but many businesses fail to see the far reaching effects of absenteeism in the workplace and its ability to disrupt operations.

While direct costs such as the hiring of a temporary replacement worker may be tallied up, indirect costs of unplanned sick days such as delays in project completion, co-workers having to take on extra responsibilities and the ineffectiveness of a temporary replacement often get ignored. The result?

Money down the drain.

Think about your own business, how much would it cost you to find a temp for 6 days (the avg number of absent days per employee, per year), pay sick leave, stalling on projects for customers/clients?

Employee Turnover

Research studies have shown that companies who fail to manage health and wellness within their businesses are 4 times more likely to lose talent. Top performers are more likely to seek out employers of choice who place high importance on both mental and physical health.

To look at this it in terms of numbers – a top employee in your office is making $60,000 a year, and then decides to leave your company for a 10 percent raise and the promise of a healthier work environment.

This could cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $120,000 to recover the loss of that proven performer walking out the door.


Presenteeism is when your staff still show up for work each day, but their performance/productivity is hampered by a range of physical or mental health issues.

This can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (like smoking or poor diet), illness (such as cold/flu), allergies/asthma, or high levels of job stress.

The reason that presenteeism is so costly is because the poor health of one worker multiplies within the workplace. Even bad moods and stress can spread from one employee to the next.


So How You Can Stop Losing & Start Saving Money?

By Implementing a Results Based Workplace Wellness Program

Wellness Programs focus on the physical and mental well-being of employees, looking after medical requirements and ensuring personal health is a priority.

And programs that offer weight loss regimes, smoking cessation programs, stress management and exercise, diet and fitness advice, have been shown to return between $2.30 – $10.10 for every $1 spent. Take a moment to think, what would these sort of margins mean for your business?

Let’s take an extremely conservative look at the benefits of a corporate wellness program

Let’s say you ran the program and it had ZERO effect on decreasing turnover or absenteeism.

Let’s say the only benefit was that in the next 12 months, your business cut the rate presenteeism by 50%. ..

Even if that was ALL you got out of it, you could be saving well over $10,000 each year!

Now that’s a pretty drastic example because in reality, we (and many research studies) have found, corporate wellness programs actually result in significant improvements across ALL of the mentioned issues.

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Our Team of Health Professionals Includes

Personal Trainers – Speakers – Doctors – Massage Therapists

Our team members are certified and insured, with years of experience to ensure we only deliver you gold standard service that meets your company’s needs, goals and budget.

Calgary Corporate Fitness Likes Flexibility…

We Know You’re Unique, So We Do Our Best to Accommodate…

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Getting Started is Easy…

  • 1

    Design Program

    This is where we work with you to plan your wellness program. Maybe you know exactly what you want, maybe you don’t, either way we will consult with you to get something started that fits you interests, needs and budget.

  • 2

    Set Scheduling

    After we’ve planned the program, we can then set scheduling ie: times, days, dates, that the program will run.

  • 3

    Launch Program

    Now that the program is planned, and the dates are set, you want to let employees in on the details. In fact, initiating a launch can make or break your program – but don’t worry we help you do that. The launch can be big or small, it’s up to you, and we work with you to conjure up something appropriate for your workplace.

  • 4

    Track Results

    You have the option to begin your program with a health risk assessment on each participating employee, which will help us benchmark current health status. From there we can track progress and measure results. And if you don’t want to do a HRA, employees will still see results.


We Guarantee Satisfaction

If for any reason you’re not happy with Calgary Corporate Fitness and your program or service, then we want to know. Simply let your corporate wellness advisor know, and we will work with you to fix it. And if we can’t fix it we will provide you with a full refund.


Request a Quote on a Specific Service

or speak with a Calgary Corporate Fitness consultant, for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat Are Your Prices

    Prices vary depending on the number of employees participating, the length of the program or service term, and the type of program you’re looking for. The best way to get information on pricing is to fill out the Request a quote form or contact our head office and speak to a corporate wellness advisor: 1 (888) 803-7491

  • q-iconWhat Kind of Seminar Topics Do You Offer?

    We have a great selection of seminars, that range from stress management to general health and fitness. If you have something specific in mind, we can probably cook you up something special. Otherwise our seminars are progressive, and run as a series, so that your always building on the information from the last one.

  • q-iconAre Your Trainers Certified & Insured?

    Yes, our trainers are certified either through Mt.Royal University’s personal training program as well as other recognized certification like ACE, ISSA and Can-Fit-Pro. As well individual trainers hold liability insurance.

  • q-iconWhere Are You Located?

    We operate as a mobile service, so we don’t have a physical location. We work with your space and work environment to provide convenient  programs and services. For example we can turn a board room into a boot camp, or even the green space outside.